Project Management for Research and Technology

Project Management

Many scientists and engineers know more than they think about project management after they finish their studies and in particular after finishing a PhD.

During a PhD, the students have to fight their way into managing themselves, their research, working with different collaborators and struggling for measurement time on overbooked equipment.

They become development engineers, R&D scientists, product developers, or team leaders who have already learned a lot about management without even realizing it, and who could benefit a lot from project management techniques applied to science. They are capable of quickly learning these techniques and adapt them to any technologically challenging environment.

This course is specifically designed for people with a technology background to give them an intense overlook of the main project management techniques with an emphasis on research and engineering.

Topics (based on the PMBOK®)

  • Introduction to project management.
  • The balance between scope, time, cost, quality, resources and risk.
  • Knowledge area mapping.
  • Project management process groups.
  • Project planning and executing.
  • Monitoring and controlling the project
  • Risk analysis and counter measures.
  • Stakeholders identification and management.
  • Project management tools and software.
  • Case study: development of a project plan specific for R&D.